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Is There A New Normal, Or Not?

As the onset of COVID-19 creates a new normal for all of us, OMD UAE‘s Director-Performance, Terry Mo, takes a closer look at two emerging search trends that illustrate this emerging reality. Online searches relating to advice on working from home or telecommuting have experienced a surge, while searches about recession and unemployment are quickly rising as well. Interestingly enough, these two search trends depict the contrasting realities faced by consumers as they’re impacted by the global pandemic differently.


Reality one: Telecommuters

As social distancing measures continue to transform our routines and lifestyles, some of us are searching for ways to embrace and adapt to their new work dynamic. This group is constantly looking for efficient channels of communication and better ways to collaborate. According to Terry, there is a strong desire for this sub-group to return to ‘normal’, which is reflected in their online searches for rebooking holidays and purchasing non-essential items. We can see that economic uncertainty is not top of mind for them as they take the disruption in their stride, digitizing their lifestyles until things go back to ‘normal’.


Reality two: Self Improvers

On the other hand, this lockdown and social distancing measures have grounded various industries to a halt, from construction and manufacturing to brick-and-mortar stores and tourism. This is in turn impacting livelihoods for many. Forced to stay home without work, this growing sub-group of ‘self-improvers’ attempts to maintain a balance between boredom and anxiety by searching for ways to reinvent themselves or take time to reflect on their mental well-being.


How are these two very distinct and rapidly increasing audiences borne out of this global pandemic impacting media consumption? Both segments have irrefutably increased their online presence, making biddable channels particular effective to reach them. As they adjust their budgets and review their campaigns, what can marketers to address the challenges and opportunities of today’s rapidly changing audience and media landscape?


Check out Terry’s article, ‘Is There a New Normal or Not?’, in Communicate Middle East to learn more about the effective strategies brands can utilize in this Covid-19 context.