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Lebanon, a digital dream?

Beirut has been gaining traction over the years in the realm of innovation and entrepreneurship. Developments such as the Beirut Digital District are indicators of a newly emergent digital hub in the Middle East. As digital marketing continues to proliferate, numerous agencies are looking for fresh talent to meet market demands which makes Lebanon an attractive place for Dubai based companies to relocate their digital teams to Beirut.

While it’s easy to be drawn to Beirut for its affordability and cost efficiency, OMG MENA was also keen to tap into its large talent base. This resulted in its strategic decision to establish its technical and administrative services unit, CORE, in Beirut. According to Elda Choucair, COO at OMG MENA, it was a “conscious decision to capitalize on local talent. We never had the intention to create just a digital hub but a new efficient and agile structure to take us into the future”.

Beirut differentiates itself from the rest of the MENA region with its “ability to aim global due to their anthropological development and the ability to adopt a universal view”, according to Choucrallah Abou Samra, Managing Director of OMG’s CORE. However, he sees Lebanon’s entrepreneurial ecosystem as still young and in need of nurturing through investment, infrastructure, and regulation.

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