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OMG Norway Continues Growth Trend Over 15 Years

This is a translated version of an article originally published by Kampanje.

American-owned OMG continues to grow in Norway. CEO Espen Klepper announced earnings growth once again for 2018 – the 15th year in a row.

He does not try to hide his pride.

“That we can cite so many years of growth and, most of all, say how we have continuously adapted our services to advertisers’ demands and expectations in terms of competence development and breadth is relatively unique in an industry context, ,” says Klepper to Kampanje.

Over two billion again
The company was left with a profit of NOK 36.8 million – an increase of 16.8% YoY. Total sales exceeded NOK 2 billion after a fall in 2017, increasing by NOK 73.3 million, and corresponding to a growth of 3.7%. Industry figures show that the total market only grew by 0.3%.

Klepper explains that the growth, among other things, is due to new business wins such as Yara, Vy, Sparkjøp and Glava. “2018 was undoubtedly a very exciting and positive year for us. Increased top line is not an end in itself, but rather shows that we are growing over time and gaining confidence from new customers while retaining those we already have. It’s evidence that we’ve succeeded in securing our position as one of the foremost communications advisories in Norway.”

Selling more consulting hours
When it comes to agency income, OMG can boast a growth of 7.4%.

“Revenue increase is, of course, gratifying. For the most part, the cause is that we sell more consulting hours for analysis, content production, strategic consulting and a number of digital services. I would say that we have been among the best in class when it comes to business development in recent years. Among other things, this applies to Annalect, which supplies data-driven decision support, DRUM, which specializes in content production and FUSE, which focuses on sponsorship and activation within sports, culture and entertainment. We’ve experienced a very strong increase in demand for our services,” says Klepper.

In 2019, the commitment still remains.

‘There is a lot of activity with the start of many new and exciting projects. We are constantly working to establish and further develop ourselves within different business areas, and I’ll be very pleased to be able to say more about these developments in the late summer and autumn, ”says Klepper.