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PHD MENA’s Podcast Series: Authenticity is the New Perfect

This article first appeared on PHD Media.

PHD’s Head of Creative Services, Nawal Nasreddine speaks with our Head of Strategy, Daniel Shepherd, about how to remain ahead of trends on social media, how to inject creativity into your communications and how to strategize so brands can position themselves in the entertainment industry, not the persuasion industry.

Together, the two media specialists discuss the rapid growth of time spent on social media; up by 60% since pre-COVID-19 and how this increase in usage has created multiple fast-paced changes in the industry and the way platforms are used by consumers and brands. Mirroring the surge in activity there has been a dramatic increase in user-creativity which has had a knock-on effect in the world of media. It has never been more important for brands to respond creatively and to structure content strategically in order to be top-of-mind of your consumers.

Social media is a core channel to reach your audience in today’s climate and Daniel asks the crucial questions that need answering about how to plan content and reach your consumers effectively. Nawal addresses 3 key areas including the importance of ‘creativity over relevance’, planning content and a brand’s ‘big idea’ and how authenticity is the new perfect when it comes to content creation in a lock-down.

Find out more by listening to the episode here
Also available on Spotify, Anghami, Audioboom, Deezer and Apple Podcasts.