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Technical differences

By Waseem Afzal, general manager of Transact, OMD’s e-commerce arm

‘Don’t be dazed by the complexity of the technology landscape.’

This statement consistently made the headlines in most high-profile industry conferences both regionally and globally in 2017. There is no denying the fact the technology landscape is complex and getting more crowded, and is still evolving very quickly. Even though it does garner a lot more attention than ever, very few people can figure out where to start.

Technology continues to advance, which means the landscape will become even more fluid in the immediate future. And that’s OK. In fact, it’s a positive sign. As investments in marketing services continue to grow globally with this evolving digital, media and consumer landscape, we see a lot of opportunities for strategic discussions around technology coming to the fore.

Many companies focus squarely on the outcome rather than the output, leveraging a host of external factors from competitive pressure to marketplace dynamics to influence their business direction. While this is not a bad approach, there is a missed opportunity in not looking at internal factors, of which tech is an important element.

Clients and agencies have covered significant ground with the integration between agency partners, channel planning and execution, and measurement of marketing investments against the bottom line. There is still both an opportunity as well as an essential need to build true integration across the tech ecosystem. After all, it is the foundation that connects insights with data, content with consumers and performance with results….

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