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Three OMG UK agencies to sit on the IPA Council

We are delighted to announce that 3 people from OMG UK are now sitting on the IPA Council. Luke Southern, CEO at DRUM and Rhian Feather, Executive Business Director at OMD UK have been newly-elected and Garrett, O’Reilly, Managing Director at Hearts & Science UK, is continuing on his role after having been elected last year.

DRUM and Hearts’ delegates will be representing the IPA’s Corporate Members while OMD’s will champion IPA’s Personal Members. Together along with the other elected members and the newly-appointed IPA President, Julian Douglas, they will be responsible for the IPA’s overall management and strategic direction.

Today, at his inaugural speech, the IPA President is setting out his focus for the agency world over the next two years. More information about the IPA Council election results available on the IPA website here.